Celia Israel

State Representative Celia Israel


Supporting Higher Education
Celia has been a vocal critic of political appointees who abuse their position to intimidate academics and universities.It’s time to stop the right wing campaign that is trying to undermine the value of a college education.
Expanding Health Care
Celia has called out Governor Perry for his efforts to block the Affordable Care Act, robbing Texas of billions of federal dollars we need to expand our health care infrastructure and ensure no family has to go without insurance.
Ending Discriminatory Practices
A long time Democratic activist, Celia is a staunch defender of women’s health, opposes Greg Abbott’s voter ID bill and all efforts to suppress the vote, and has been a leader in advancing the issue of equality in Texas.
Expanding our Thinking on Environment and Energy
Celia is a vocal advocate for expanded public transportation options as a critical part in solving our transportation challenges. She also believes the time is now to redouble our efforts in making renewable energies cost efficient.
Public Education
Celia understands that to compete in a global economy we need to invest in our children’s education today. That means we need to fully restore the cuts, keep up with growth, and give our children the education they need to compete.